Keynotes and Public Speaking

I am a frequent speaker on the topics of DeFi, Fintech, and the particular technology themes impacting financial services players. For examples, please see the research described here. Below, you can also see a selection of shorter videos and longer podcasts providing a flavor of my work. A longer list of recent conferences is also provided. 

If you are interested in having me speak at your event, to the Board, Executive or Strategy team of your company, or at an academic institution, reach out here.

This Session Was NOT Written by ChatGPT | FMLS:23

Generative AI is still all the rage, with an astonishing pace of change and far-reaching implications in financial services. Join forward-thinking executives at the FMLS:23 who deal with LLMs directly to cut through the hype and get a sense of how it can, and cannot, help firms in individuals in the financial space. 

Proof Of Talk 2023

Proof of Talk, Web3's most exclusive content-driven summit. This incredible event took place on June 14th '23 on the main stage at the grand Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Louvre Palace, Paris.

Link to speaking part here.

Bloomberg 2022 on FTX

Bloomberg Surveillance: Early Edition, live from London and New York. Francine Lacqua, Anna Edwards, Matt Miller, and Kailey Leinz deliver the latest news and analysis on the markets with leaders in global finance and economics.

Link to start of interview here.

EBC22 | The Metaverse: A $1 Trillion Revenue Opportunity

The Metaverse is expected to grow immensely in the upcoming years. Is the Metaverse a 1 trillion opportunity?

CNBC Crypto World, 2022

CNBC Crypto World features the latest news and daily trading updates from the digital currency markets and provides viewers with a look at what’s ahead with high-profile interviews, explainers, and unique stories from the ever-changing crypto industry. On today’s show, Lex Sokolin of ConsenSys discusses the Solana wallet hack, Robinhood job cuts, and what to expect from crypto businesses when the bear market ends.

Bank of International Settlements. The road ahead: challenges and opportunities for DeFi and CBDCs, 2022 

DeFi and CBDCs seem worlds apart. But with the DeFi ecosystem maturing, the space of common interest could increase. What would the DeFi environment look like if it were to adopt CBDCs as a main settlement instrument? What are the considerations for central banks in allowing or not CBDCs to be used in this way? What other challenges would this ecosystem pose for central banks?

CoinDesk - The Future of Ether as London Hard Fork Nears, 2021

Lex Sokolin, Global Fintech Co-Head of leading Ethereum software company ConsenSys, explains the details and implications of the supposedly bullish London hard fork on the Ethereum blockchain, an upgrade scheduled to activate Thursday that aims to curb ether's supply growth over time and burn a portion of fees paid to miners. Plus, his outlook on how the upgrade could affect Consensys' business operations and whether ether could be considered a security.

Ethereal Summit, 2019

Announcing ConsenSys Codefi at Ethereal Tel Aviv, and discussing the trends that are contributing to the exponential growth in decentralized finance.

Decentralized Finance Summit London, 2019

The macroeconomic and financial trends that have led to the growth of Fintech and resulted in software DAOs building financial products

Money20/20 Europe, 2017 

How Incumbents, Startups and Big Tech companies shape the future of financial services.  

AFME's Global Innovation Institute Conference, 2018

Why now is a defining moment for technological innovation in financial services.

Business Insider, 2017

Introductory clip on digital assets and why they are compelling.

Fintech Circle Institute, 2017

Overarching framework for Fintech evolution and description of my class materials.

Digital Asset Strategy Summit, 2018 

How Artificial Intelligence, digital wealth and digital assets interact.

VivaTech: A User Manual for Crypto & ICO, 2018  

Panel at a large tech event with Tim Draper and Pascal Gauthier

CNBC, 2018

Investors are going to buy bitcoin whether advisors like it or not!

 Tech+Blockchain Economy, 2017

The Internet of Value and Money - A Status Report  

Asset TV, 2015

Exploration of how the financial advisor fiduciary rule from the Department of Labor and digital wealth technology intersect

Select Podcasts and Interviews

Selected Industry Conferences

The period 2019+ is not updated here.


London Business School Fintech Class, Speaker
Overview of fintech trends, from AI to mixed reality

Eversheds Sutherland Client Conference, Speaker
Institutional investor update on crypto asset class and infrastructure

American Banker Webcast, Speaker
The future of open banking in the U.S.

Advisor Blockchain and Crypto Council, Speaker
Wealth management conference on digital assets

Nesta - the Innovation Foundation, Panel
Identifying research paths for European innovation

Financial Conduct Authority, Industry Panel
Meeting with active firms to help guide crypto regulation

Cass Business School Fintech Class, Speaker
Lecture on impact of artificial intelligence on finance

Columbia Business School Fintech Class, Speaker
Lecture on fintech trends across digitization, AI, neobanks

Security Tokens Realized, Panel
Discussion of real estate and asset-backed token trends


Fintech Connect, Panel Moderator
Focus on artificial intelligence and regulatory technology  

Digital Lending Webcast by Mitek, Speaker
Turning ID Verification into a Competitive Advantage

Consensus Invest, Panel Moderator
Led discussion on custody, exchange and fund development 

Lendit London, Panel
Debate on regulation of digital assets and crypto currencies

Imperial College, Speaker
Overview of the crypto ecosystem

Digital Asset Strategies, Speaker and Moderator
Several talks on AI, digital assets, and wealth management 

American Express CFO Offsite, Speaker
Discussion of core fintech themes and impact on incumbents

Crypto Challenge Forum, Speaker
Update on crypto funding trends and investor landscape 

Fintech Talents, Panel
Discussion of entrepreneurship and building a diverse team 

Autonomous Research Artificial Intelligence Conference, Moderator
Deep dive on the impact of AI in finance for equity investors

BNY Mellon Sovereign Wealth Fund Conference, Speaker
Discussion of digital wealth, custody and investment management

Global Innovation Forum, Speaker
Keynote on top trends in fintech, focused on capital markets

Pillar Conference, Speaker
Discussion of impact of artificial intelligence on finance

Blockchain Alternative Investment Conference, Speaker
Institutional investor view on the crypto asset class

Vivatech, Panel
Debate with Tim Draper and President of Ledger on crypto assets

BNY Mellon Depository / Trust Client Conference, Speaker 
Discussion of digital wealth, custody and investment management

Medici, Speaker
Institutional investor view on the crypto asset class

London Business School, Speaker
Overview of key trends in financial services

The Futurist at RISE, Speaker
Overview of key trends in financial services

Finovate London, Speaker
Discussion of crypto ecosystem development

Autonomous Research Cryptocurrency Conference, Moderator
Institutional investor view on the crypto asset class

Association for Financial Markets in Europe, Speaker
Keynote introduction to innovation themes

Columbia Business School, Speaker
Evolution of fintech through digital wealth, AI and crypto

Future of Finance (Maersk), Panel
The role of blockchain in the CFO organization

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Speaker
Update on crypto funding trends

Finovate Middle East, Panel Moderator
Banking digitization and regulation

TD Ameritrade National LINC, Panel
Discussion with CEO of Nasdaq and Ric Edelman


City University in London, Panel
Fintech as a disruptive force 

London School of Economics, Panel
Discussion of Fintech evolution at large banks

Schwab Impact, Speaker
Two sessions: one on futurism and one on social selling

Lendit Europe, Speaker
Analysis of financial incumbents related to innovation

Smileexpo focused on Initial Coin Offerings, Speaker
Discussion of crypto fundraising trends

Cambridge  Centre for Alternative Finance, Panel
Discussion of crypto fundraising trends

BNY Mellon Consultant Conference, Speaker
Digital wealth, artificial intelligence and blockchain

Seedcamp, Speaker
Discussion of crypto fundraising trends 

Autonomous Research Automation to the Core, Speaker
Overview of fintech frameworks 

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Speaker
Discussion of crypto fundraising trends

Money 2020 Europe, Speaker
Open banking and financial APIs 

Autonomous Research Future of Commerce, Panel Moderator
Discussion of payments technology progress 

Toigo Foundation, Speaker
Overview of Fintech ecosystem 

Lendit Fintech USA, Panel Moderator
Democratization of Asset Management and Crowdfunding

Review of Banking and Financial Law Symposium, Panel
Discussion of digitization of advice and regulation around it 

Enterprise Ethereum Launch, Panel Moderator
Discussion of enterprise blockchain progress 

Investopedia Webcast, Speaker
Evolution of digital wealth management industry 

Columbia Business School, Speaker
Overview of Fintech evolution

Davis Polk Webcast, Speaker
Discussion of the impact of the OCC Fintech charter


Techonomy, Panel Moderator
Central banks and crypto currencies

Ernst & Young Executive Luncheon, Speaker
Impact of Fintech on investment management

Continuing Legal Education, Speaker
CLE credits for lawyers focused on fintech and roboadvice 

General Assembly, Panel
Fail Forward - How entrepreneurshould learn from failure

In|Vest Conference, Speaker
Next Generation Technology that will Completely Change Wealth Management

In|Vest Conference, Panel
Innovation and Design Centric Thinking

TD Ameritrade Institutional Conference, Speaker
Innovation and the Future of Wealth Management


T3 Enterprise Edition, Speaker
Post-Robo Technology that Will Fuel Hypergrowth

T3 Advisor Conference, Speaker
Robo or Classic, or Both

Financial Planning Association Conference, Panel Debate
RoboAdvisors: What You Need To Know -- Point/Counterpoint

FPA Major Firms Symposium, Panel
Roboadvisor implementation for existing financial planning practices

FolioDynamix Conference, Speaker
Hypergrowth, or "How to Robo"

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