Artist Statement

Alexey Sokolin is a New York based new media artist, designer and entrepreneur. Raised in the cityscapes of Moscow and New York, he is interested in sequential art and graphic narrative as expressed through an abstract or urban aesthetic, and in how constructed objects create their own nature.

The underlying drive is to uncover “the Sublime” (per Edmund Burke) with modern and emerging media. Projects include architectural photography, interactive online video installations, traditional and abstract illustration, and creative coding / software art. Sokolin explores form, line and composition utilizing the concepts of layered collage, and connects the results through experimental narratives made possible by automated code and digital editing.

Sokolin is an editor of Ink Brick, a journal exploring the forms and interaction of comics and poetry. His work was featured in Over the Line, An Introduction to Poetry Comics (Sidekick Book), Abstract Comics: The Anthology (Fantagraphics Books, nominated for an Eisner award), and highlighted as a Notable in 2010 Best American Comics. His photography and digital art has been exhibited in galleries across the US.

Major Projects

Find me in these ventures artistically under the handle @uaesthete:

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