Advisory and Venture Investments

I am interested in early stage companies that use frontier technologies to solve business problems in financial services and enterprise. Below, I list some of the ideas that I have engaged with by industry. Some are painfully wrong, but hey, understanding the rationale that led to decisions is more important than how a particular outcome falls on a long-tailed probability distribution curve.

Earlier in my career, I tried to get on advisory boards of companies for equity and most of them said "No". After 2017, much of that changed as demand for credible people to help with blockchain-based projects went through the roof. To learn more about these projects, I joined a few compelling ideas as a strategic advisor for token based-compensation. At worst, that taught me what's wrong with token-based compensation!

In other cases, I've made personal equity investments, and now also advise an early stage Fintech venture fund on deals in the space. If you have a fresh idea with product-market fit and are interested in either investment or advisory, please reach out here.

Financial Technology

Enterprise blockchain solutions targeting corporate and FX markets

High frequency trading piping between digital asset exchange with API output

Investment / equity research community aggregator

Institutional wealth management analytics platform

Crypto wrapper for the secondary markets, similar toADR structure

Decentralized exchange for trading crypto assets

Private equity deal flow from network of experienced sponsors  seeking backing from capital partners

Digital lender focused on invoice financing credit

ATM machines for withdrawing crypto currency

Artificial Intelligence and Hardware

Hardware for deep learning workstations and GPU cloud

Natural language interface for interacting with statistical data

Sound-based QR code that pairs WiFi enabled devices

Identity and Healthcare

Self sovereign identity software, with wallet-based identity

Blockchain based medical supply chain

Medical treatment and records for life-threatening diseases

Open science project sharing scientific data, focused on medical research

Attention Platforms: Social Media and Mixed Reality

Virtual reality film production studiofocused on social impact

Social money for influencers on the Ethereum blockchain

Attention tracking token in virtual reality environments

Augmented reality real estate title and permissions database

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